Library Policies and Procedures

Staff: Karin Ledford, teacher librarian        Robin Baldini, library technician
Hours: Mondays through Fridays 7:15-3:30       
               Wednesday mornings 7:15-9:00 reserved for Quiet Study Time

Lunch Hours: The library is open during lunches if a class is not scheduled during this time. The library
                            has 35 computers available for students during this time.  A laser printer, a color printer
                            and a photocopy machine are available to students during this time. Students may also
                            checkout library books and textbooks with a current Sheldon ID card or a current class

It is the vision of the EGUSD libraries to provide appropriate and relevant instruction and instructional materials and resources that support learning in the school community. The library program is designed to promote collaboration with colleagues, to teach students how to access and evaluate information (print, media, and digital resources), and to ethically use and integrate that information resulting in a creative and functional product.  Learners will then be prepared to apply these literacy skills in a technologically advanced world. 

1. Collaborate with departments regarding projects and/or units that meet curricular standards.
2. Provide online database instruction to teachers and students.
3. Assist teachers with the planning and implementation of research units.
4. Provide quality resources that both teachers and students can use.
5. Provide book talks to classes in order to help students find an engaging and appropriate SSR book.
6. Provide technology tutorials and professional development for teachers on current Internet trends 
    and searching strategies.
7. Provide website evaluation lessons appropriate to each curricular area.
8. Provide tutorials on and assist with the creation and maintenance of blogs, wikis, and self-created 

Book recommendations:
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The school now has 196 Chromebooks available for classroom use-- 1 cart of 36 plus 8 carts of 20 each. Teachers requesting a Chromebook cart should reserve it on the spreadsheet by clicking HERE. Maximum check out time is 3 days  per cart. Renewals of the Chromebook carts are allowed as long as they are not reserved for another teacher. All Chromebook Carts should come back to the library each Friday for maintenance. 

  • Sign up with the librarian for the days and times you would like to bring your classes into the library via email.
  • All students should treat the library as they would their classroom with the same expectations in place. Students should come prepared to complete a particular task that is evaluated or completed and turned in to their teacher or to the librarian at the end of their library time.
  • Show up promptly at your assigned library time since there may be more than one class scheduled for library time during a particular period. This will ensure everyone has enough time in the library.
  • Substitute teachers should not bring classes to the library. Please reschedule library time when you return.

Students must have a current Computer Use and Agreement form on file and a current Sheldon High ID card before they can use the library's computers. Students can then sign up with the librarian to use the computers. No ID card is necessary for students who need to print or to get onto School Loop. 

For students printing required classwork, printing is FREE after school. If students need to print optional classwork or their own personal work, then students will be charged .10 per page. The first two pages of a website are free to print as long as it is required for class. Any pages beyond the first two for website will be charged .10 per page. Color printing is available at .50 per page. Additional FREE printing is available on Wednesdays after school in room C3 from 3:05-4:05.

  • Students must have a current Sheldon ID card, a valid California ID card, or a current class schedule to check out a textbook. 
  • If you choose to keep students' textbooks in your classrooms, do so at your own risk. Students ar financially responsible for all lost or stolen textbooks that are left in classrooms. Textbook tracking forms are available for you to use to assist with managing your students's textbooks.
  • Students are not permitted to have double sets of textbooks unless specified by a doctor's note. If a student forgot his/her textbook at home the day he/she needs it in class, a temporary textbook cannot be issued unless the student has parent permission to assume the additional financial responsibility.
  • When it is time for students to return textbooks, you may borrow book carts, walk the students to the library as a class, or tell the students to turn them in on their own time. The library prefers teachers to bring classes to the library to return their textbooks.
  • Students have the option of replacing lost textbooks online. To do this, they must obtain a form from the library first that explains the procedures. Click HERE to access the form.
Students are allowed to visit the library on a written pass issued by the teacher for 10 minutes. Please include your name, date, time, and the student's name on the pass. Students must come with their ID cards as well. No more than 3 students per pass. If a student does not have a pass, they will be sent back to class.

  • Laminating is available at .50 per square foot.
  • Photocopying available at .15 per page.
  • 5 Chromebooks are available for teachers to check out.

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